Tuesday, November 24, 2009

An Ode to Cutting Boards

I thought that I would devote a few posts to this wonderful little kitchen staple. One thing that I've heard a lot while chucking my wears is that people don't want to use my cutting boards because they are too pretty. I think that these boards are really beautiful in their virginal state, but I also think that they would look really good after a few years heavy use. I think that they only truly exist when they have deep trenches of wear and tear. These are all images that I pulled off of Etsy, and the way that they achieve these patterns is to glue, cut up, and glue again sometimes four and five times. The one at the top has all these curves that are cut out with a band saw, smoothed and then have pieces laminated into the curves, recut, and glued several times. These are pieces that a lot of work goes into, and definitely deserve a lot of appretiation.

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