Thursday, November 5, 2009

J. Rusten: If I killed him and ate his brain, maybe I could be as good as him.

This guy, J. Rustin, is so super clean and he is a definite over-builder. I love to build in two or three times the strength in to my work than will ever be necessary. That type of thinking will really ensure that your work will be around for thousands of years. I really want a robot to be able to sit down at an original dining room table of mine and eat a nice meal of nuts and bolts after all the humans have left this world.

Who knew that California was such wonderfully desk shaped state. It so elegant and simple, and this gentleman TOTALLY look like he is reading something. I want to be him, or move my family in with him and never leave him alone.

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  1. I believe they created California in that shape just for that reason.