Thursday, December 17, 2009

Big Plans for Big Treehouses

In my grand sceme in life I would like to have kids, and I would like my wife and I to create a handmade childhood for them. I imagine our young ones running around in clothes that their mother has made for them, eating at kitchen table that their father built, and living in a house that is designed and built by both of us.
One thing that I want in a house for my family is a lot of little hidden surprises and unique spaces. Coming from the barren wasteland of western Kansas we did have a lot of trees in the neighborhood, let alone trees big enough to climb. I imagine one day having a family treehouse. Our little activity room in the sky. You link a lot memories in your childhoos with your favorite spots, and it means a lot to me to be a big part of the creation of those spots in my kids' lives.

Stainless Steel Shadow Luminaries

A Few Words on Books

I've been looking lately at how different designers deal with storage space. How to hide it or how to use it creativly. Books are something that can always create a focal point in a room. The mutiple colors and the learned nature of the things are very attractive. I love storage that is built into the side of staircase. I've seen entertainment centers as well as bookcases, but a staricase is a really interesting space to use for a built in.
The chair isn't quite practical, but it is a brilliant use of space and a clever conversation piece.