Sunday, October 25, 2009

Intermediary Inspration

One of my big influences in working with wood and working with wood the way that I do is a man named Matt Burke. Now, a couple of years back I was traipsing around the MOMA in New York with some friends and I stumbled upon the special exhibition of the work of probably the foremost artist that works with wood; the amazing and talented Mr. Martin Puyear. I had formerly had no experience with Mr. Puyear's work, but I was immediately impressed. I also immediately noticed that, without pleagerizing, this must be an inspration in the work of Matt Burke. I was expressing how much of Matt I could see in this work, and how much I bet he would love this show to my, now, wife when Matt Burke himself walks up from behind me and taps me on the shoulder. Here, half a country away from where we both live, we happen to be in the same place at the same time just as I was discussing this very person.

It was the coinsodence to end all coinsodense. The timing actually could have gone like this: Me - "Wow love bug, this show is really cool. You know, I bet that Matt Burke would really love this stuff, and I bet that he finds a lot of inspiration in Martin Puyear's work. Matt Burke - "As a matter of fact, Evan, I do love this show and I do draw some influence from this incredible artist. Thanks for noticing."

That's not how it actually went, but it seriously could have. I wouldn't lie to you people.

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